domenica 9 maggio 2021

100 Milan Graffiti, No Cost Graffiti of Milan, Italy 07.05.2021

Title Says I Choose This Blog Frojinio With Closed Eyes and Left Hand Wanting To Write Bulldog. First Try Nothing To Choose. I Often Enjoy With This Kind of Experiments. I Did An Experiment Over The Word Bulldog. With My Brain I Chose the Variant, With Perifherical View Semi Conscious I Chose and Closed Eyes I Chose As Webmaster I Noted That Is a Very Primary Word But In the Same Time Is Very Easy to Write and Remember For Search Engines and Persons, So I Liked, But I Got All of Them. The Only Names I Remeber That Could Be Ranged With Similarity Are Fregene And Fiumicino Toghether as Froginio.

Fregene And Fiumicino Are One Famous Balnear Locality Of Romans People. Fregene Is The Name Of The Down Town, The Beach of Fiumicino Town. At 30km From Rome, Where Is Situated The National Airport

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